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Best paper award

This year’s workshop included the first CONVERSATIONS best paper award. Three papers were nominated for the award based on their excellent reviewer feedback. Among the nominees, organizer representatives made individual rankings of the three nominees, the aggregate ranking score deciding the best paper.

The selection of the best paper was challenging given that all three nominated papers were really strong. The best paper award paper presents a study that is grounded in a thorough review of relevant literature, and that through a rigorous method generate findings that allow for clear theoretical and practical implications in a previously understudied chatbot application area – B2B customer service chatbots.

Winner of best paper award CONVERSATIONS 2020:

Antje Janssen, Davinia Rodríguez Cardona and Michael H. Breitner, for the paper More than FAQ! Chatbot Taxonomy for Business-to-Business Customer Services

 Best paper nominees CONVERSATIONS 2020:

Roberta De Cicco, Susana da Costa E Silva and Riccardo Palumbo, for the paper Should a chatbot disclose itself? Implications for an online conversational retailer 

Margot van der Goot, Laura Hafkamp and Zoë Dankfort, for the paper Customer Service Chatbots: A Qualitative Interview Study into Customers’ Communication Journey.