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Keynote speakers – Q. Vera Liao and Björn W. Schuller

At CONVERSATIONS 2020 we are fortunate to have two excellent keynote speakers. Q. Vera Liao will make a talk concluding the first workshop day. Björn W. Schuller will introduce the second workshop day.

Q. Vera Liao – IBM Research AI

Q. Vera Liao conducts her research on IBM Research AI and has background from Human-Computer Interaction. Her research interests concern Human-AI Interaction – in particular explainable AI, human centred machine learning and user-aware conversational agents. Her research is relevant and engaging, and has received several paper awards.

Q. Vera Liao will in her talk address conversational user interfaces for information search. In particular, how conversational design may impact search user experience and impact user behaviour.

For more details, see Q. Vera Liao homepage.

Björn W. Schuller – Imperial College London and University of Augsburg

Björn W. Schuller is professor of AI and head of Group on Language, Audio & Music (GLAM) at Imperial College London, UK, and full professor and head of the Chair of Embedded Intelligence for Health Care and Wellbeing at University of Augsburg, Germany. His research interests include deep learning, audio, and affective computing and he is an influential and awarded reseacher in speech reckognition and multimedia. He is also co-founder of Audeering, a provider of solutions for emotion recognition, person analysis, and scene detection in audio.

Björn W. Schuller will in his talk take a starting point in his own research on voice, text, and dialogue analysis to map out future opportunities for empathic chatbots.

For more details, see Björn W. Schuller homepage.